eduardo costa "the biology of painting"
curated by renea perry

exhibition schedule: november - december 2002
red pepper on a cutting board:3 
height by 9"length by 6" depth, acrylic paint, 2002

the most recent work by eduardo costa are the volumetric paintings, (a phrase coined by the art critic and poet, carter ratcliff). in these works, costa has pushed the definition of painting with the use of acrylic paint to produce non-traditional paintings. this 3-dimensional body of work includes fruit and vegetables, tools and paint brushes, vases w/flowers, and busts of prominent artists and writers, which are produced entirely of acrylic paint. this idea recently evolved to create a series of over-sized geometric pieces using acrylic paint, dried paint scraps, acrylic lightweight medium and pumice.

the biology of painting is a multi-dimensional exhibition. it will showcase work from costa's previously produced volumetric painting series and will allow for discourse on the new use of acrylic paint through a two and a half hour daily workshop (in the morning and in the afternoon), tuesday through saturday for the duration of the show. in these workshops, costa will demonstrate the process of creating volumetric paintings while discussing the use of paint in history. pieces completed by the workshop participants will be included in the exhibition as each one is completed. thus allowing for a sort of performance of the work-in-progress and discussion. an outline of the workshop, the discussion of process, and the history of painting will be provided to workshop participants.