“minimal improvisation”

june 11- june 25, 2005

“minimal improvisation” is the first solo show of Swiss residency artist Daniel Gottin to be held at the:artist:network. Daniel is in residence at the:artist:network through the iaab program, as part of the Christoph Merian Foundation, Basel, Switzerland. His conceptually intuitive, often site specific work is built on the improvisation, using industrial materials to make an intervention in a space, allowing architectural aspects of the space to play an active part in the work. His minimalist work explores the notion that the interplay between the space which houses a work and the intervention can play a vital role in the creation and perception of a work. minimal improvisation will combine an exhibition housed within the walls of the:artist:network gallery with a permanent site specific piece to be installed in the building’s stairwell, entitled ‘Network 28’. A myriad of lines created from teal and black adhesive tape will intersect throughout the six floors of the building to make a web of sorts, reinventing the space by creating a sense of depth on flat surfaces. The work displayed on the gallery walls reflects the influence of Chinatown and SoHo on the direction Daniel’s work has taken during his residency in New York.
Daniel has participated in a number of residency programs, spending time in such diverse locations as Chinati Foundation Marfa, Texas and Afwa Fremantle, Australia. He has had various solo exhibitions in Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Japan and Australia.