"humanos artificiales / artificial humans"
at galeria artificial, madrid, spain

exhibition: september 18 - october 22, 2004

"humanos artificiales / artificial humans" is the first group exhibition conceived and directed specifically for the foreign representation of new york based artists affiliated or represented by the:artist:networknew york. under the working title "humanos artificiales / artificial humans" jose salinas, juan perdiguero, jeff gompertz and marc hungerbuhler examine aspects of the relationship of the human and machinist interaction in art making today. in content, as well as in mechanical approach, these artists share their fascination with the physical and psychological human condition, the importance of the body and their technological bond. the language of computer programming and figuration of salinas "genomic herm_a(phrodite)" and the instrumentation of technological components and devices are some of the formal similarities in these artists presentations. the inclusion of the real time performance aspect, the embedded symbolic and synchronistic prerecorded video/surveillance material in "hvac" or the assimilation and appropriated formal language of perdigueros' work take a critical position towards the technological gestalt in "humanos artificiales / artificial humans" for galeria artificial madrid, spain, september 18, 2004.

jose salinas
juan perdiguero
jeff gompertz
marc hungerbuhler