mace2 /artist from the flat file
curated by alexandra hungerbuhler

exhibition: march 2004

judy aiello
brendan carney
wolfgang stiller
juan perdiguerro
jason florio
alex tehrani
remy amezcua
danielle robbiani
hideniro izumi
jeff gompertz
tamara gonzales
eduardo costa
geoffrey davis
alexandra signer
jose salinas
claude baechtold
walid mokh
thierry alet

mace2 /artist from the flat file is an exhibition to inaugurate the artist:network digital gallery, an online, interactive artist database.This website is open to all artists and serves as a dynamic bay for introduction of their work to the:artist:networknewyork. Membership is acquired through a selection process by the:artist:network. After approval, the applicant will become an active artist on the domain. The artist is then converted from new member to a power user. A power user can upload images, movie clips, animations, flash, audio and change his own page independently at all times. Here, one can participate in numerous exhibition opportunities as well as circulating work through this marketing outlet. The domain will host special forums and virtual exhibitions with this direct marketing feature. The:artist:network will host an annual exhibition composed of a select group of artists from the digital gallery.