curated by mariko tanaka and alfredo martinez
exhibition :may 22 - june 6, 2006

“!@#$%” Showcases twenty artist's works that investigate an exuberant manifesto on the everyday spectacle of nonsensical and whimsical amusement with narratives in the urban environment. It is about breaking the encounter of the every day in a strong means of rupture, self-identification and spectacular tableau. Loosely defined, "!@#$%" is swearing of obscenity in a manga, anime or cartoon bubble. This act of swearing or cursing becomes a profanity against censure, anathema against authority and a stance against the hypercritic of censorship. Instead, “!@#$%” embraces a mixture of surrealism, poetic language, innocent playfulness and comic aficionados.

Participating Artists: Joseph de Allain, Dominic Beaulieu, David Henry Brown Jr., Izumi Chiaraluce, Olimpia Dior & J., Tamara Gonzales Lissa Hanh, Becky Karlins, Niki Kelce, Emily Noelle Lambert Ayesha Malick, Mirf, Yuko Oda, Lance De Los Reyes, Carlos Roque, Ben Ruhe, Damon Shair, Ro Starr, Jacob Williams and Hong Kai Wang

Also featured is "elevator music" - a multi-channel sound installation by Hong Kai Wang staged on different levels of the elevator shaft, juxtaposing sounds appropriated from the subway playing “muzak” for the everyday passenger.