St. Moritz Art Masters 2011    LINGUA FRANCA - A Public Intervention    August 26- September 4, 2011   Excerpt from Press Release– 20 June, 2011   The well-established festival of art and culture St. Moritz Art Masters (SAM) takes its inspiration this year from the theme “Lingua Franca – A Public Intervention”. Between 26 August and 4 September 2011 the unique setting of the Engadin will once again be the stage and the venue of the national and international art scene. Under this year’s   motto, an exceptional and many- faceted experience awaits visitors with a taste for art and culture in the Engadin. This year’s motto “Lingua Franca – A Public Intervention” – is responsible for a specific international art project which takes place in the most diverse settings in and around St. Moritz. The key theme of SAM 2011 and its project of the same name follow three fundamental principles: firstly, the principle of a communicative vehicle or auxiliary language, in this case art, which has to be perceived and acknowledged by the public. Secondly, the work of art is to be placed immediately in the public space, generating an interface. Thirdly, the contents of the individual works will encompass both “High Culture” and “Low Culture” and will enable visitors to experience art as a physical perception. The artistic contributions to this project manifest themselves as video, sculpture or performance. Under the direction of curators Alexandra and Marc Hungerbühler of “the:artist:network” an international group of artists from China, Korea, Spain, Argentina, the USA and Switzerland interpret the key theme by creating their works on site, taking into account social conscience and cultural identity and establishing an active dialogue with the beauty of the natural surroundings of the exhibition site. The participation of Swiss artists is made possible by the St. Moritz Art Masters Foundation. The exhibitions will be accompanied by an extensive and varied programme such as panel discussions, artists’ talks and the so-called SAMposion. In the daytime the Julius Baer Art Lounge in the Posthaus serves as a meeting place for artists and visitors to SAM in the heart of St. Moritz. There will be a symposium on architecture and art E.A.T (Engadin Art Talks). Initiated last year by Cristina Bechtler, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Beatrix Ruf, it will bring together distinguished international artists, architects and curators to the Engadin to express themselves on the theme ‚Mapping the Alps‘. On 1 and 2 September, the workshop “Landscape and Soul” with Steve McCurry and Amedeo M. Turello will enable participants to gain rare insights into the photographic method of Steve McCurry and Amedeo M. Turello.
 Li Wei, "Fly Together"
 Jennifer Wen Ma, "Germination Thoughts"
 Choi Jeong Hwa, "Black Lotus"
 Ferran Martin, "Emile"
 Tomás Espina, "Redemption Room"
 Jacqueline Baum & Ursula Jakob, "Spreading The Word"